7 Apps to Be More Healthy: Follow-Up at Any Time

It is already possible to do (almost) everything with the phone. If you want a healthy lifestyle, you can install apps to be more healthy and reap the benefits.

Apps for Health

Smartphones are here to stay and it is also them that can find apps to be more healthy.

With the advancement of technology, there are various tools to implement those plans all, change of lifestyle, having a healthy diet and start to exercise.


Despite being a personal option, it is ideal to have the follow-up of specialized professionals for the purpose, in particular nutritionists, and personal trainers.

However, this tracking cannot be done permanently, because they do not walk in with a nutritionist 24 hours a day to say what should or should not eat; nor does it have a PT available at all times to perform the training specialist.

But it’s 24 hours (or almost) with the phone in the wallet or in the back pocket of the pants. And is in mobile phones that can find apps to be more healthy and that will help not to lose motivation.

The existence of numerous free applications for your phone, with alarms to remind you that you have to do is excellent to achieve the goals more quickly and effectively.



In this application you need to register with some personal information such as age, sex, height, current weight and desired weight, so that all the information will be more accurate. With access to these data, the app calculates the amount of calories per day needed to achieve the objectives.

This is an application that works as a daily food, showing all of the meals made; and as a daily exercise, where there is a physical activity practiced.

With this app you can still access a list of recipes, restaurants and food brands that enable greater facility to make registration of daily food.

> Download the application for IOS or for Android.


The MyFitnesspal has the purpose to count the calories you eat. But not only does it do that. Works as a social network, where your friends can see your updates and encourage you.

This application allows you to access the nutritional information of the food and the more than 600 thousand suggestions of healthy recipes. In addition, the MyFitnessPal create a chart relative to their development and to the quality of your food.


The app Water drink Reminder helps you calculate the amount of water required daily to meet their need and still reminds you that it is time to drink water, improving their water balance in body for a healthier life.

You only need to enter the current weight and adding the cups of water that if you will be drinking throughout the day. You will receive a reminder when it’s time for the next.

Install it on your phone and go always hydrated.


This application belongs to the Auchan and your goal is to help you eat better, move more and take care of yourself.

The app question every day, what is your status level of stress, fatigue and physical activity, for example. After you have collected all the data, emerge daily suggestions based on the state of health and well-being, with a view to improvement.

Another feature of this app is the fact that help and manage allergies and food intolerances, seen to possess a tool of bar code reading.


If you are one of those people who is postponing constantly going to the gym for lack of time, this app is for you.

The app Seven offers plans of exercises of the seven minutes, in the form of a circuit, based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefits in the shortest possible time.

The great advantage of this application is the possibility to choose which part of the body that you want to work with, also providing weekly plans according to your goals (lose weight, gain muscle mass, etc.) and characteristics of the person.

As you use the app to train, new exercises are unlocked.

Getting in shape has never been so easy and fun. And you can still train in any place and at any time.


This app contains a database of healthy recipes, quick and easy that have been created and tested by professionals.

Feel inspired by the photographs of let water in the mouth that is on revenue, and adopt from now on a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, you will find cooking tips, nutritional information for all recipes, options with attractive ethnic and zero advertising the processed foods.

If lack of time is your main problem for not producing healthy recipes, with this app you no longer have excuses, because most of the alternatives are ready in just 15 minutes.


A great night’s sleep is one of the keys to having a day more active and with this app you will be able to control the quality of your sleep.

This app is innovative, calculates the efficiency and monitors the cycles of your sleep through sensors of the mobile phone that monitor how much you move during the night. The data collected are used to determine the cycles of sleep.

What’s more, it analyzes additional data such as the phases of the moon, the daily variables (consumption of caffeine and alcohol, exercise habits and physical levels of stress), dreams and nightmares, and your mood.


Is to eat better, do physical exercise of short duration, have information on allergen or even to know the quality of your sleep, you can do it through your phone.

With these apps to be more healthy, has no excuses for not practicing a healthy lifestyle. And they all have one great advantage: they are free!