7 Sense and Android 5.0 Lollipop Give HTC Hop One M9 to The M8 with This ROM

Soon he has made failure so the HTC One M9 software innovations reach other terminals. With the device just around the corner, it will be one of the first stop of this year range, the chefs are already moving and working with the ROM to see what they can do with it.

Now they have taken the most logical step: bring all that to the previous model. In other words, the M8. Team Skydragon, created by an Argentine Cook, has already created a ROM that brings all the benefits we have seen in the M9 flagship launched in 2014 and, of course, that includes Lollipop as OS version.

Bringing the M8 M9 with the just and necessary

Although the device still not been on sale, the ROM has been leaked and Skydragon intended to remove it once the M9 was available. However, there was fear that others are both flanker center forward you and at the end have decided to go forward with this ROM which, according to them, is quite stable. Simply enough with falseara directly, without having to install anything else.

The ROM in question comes with the software just, the unnecessary has been removed, and the kernel has been modified to make it work more quickly. Also added the installer Aroma and battery management has been improved, according to them. Something that in principle is justified by the use of the your own kernel.

With the ROM, of course, come Sense 7 news. I.e.: customization through themes and icon packs, the new interface of the camera with the editor of effects, the option to configure four buttons on the inside bar, Touch Pal, the new app to use the phone as a remote control for TV, Dolby Surround software…

The ROM already comes with root so you won’t have to worry about making the process again. If you urge, it is worth to give a try and test innovations bringing HTC software capabilities until they arrive through an update OTA.