79 Dolphin Says Goodbye to The Zoo from Orange

Mobile phone users and in particular those who have smartphones tend increasingly to use your data connection at the expense of calls or the short message of rates with a large amount of minutes.

Seems to be that operators are aware of this, with the launch of rates that each call is paid but includes a high traffic Internet or the new Orange whale rates, with just a few minutes but many megabytes, and for this reason that this latter company has decided get out of your particular zoo a rate.

A starting from this month new Orange customers, or those who are it but do not have it, already not to hire the Dolphin 79, a rate that was offering so far 2000 minutes in calls to any national destination, 500 SMS and 1 Gb of Internet for 79 euros monthly.

With the disappearance of this rate users who speak as many minutes as it included the Dolphin 79 will have to lean the infinite rates recently launched, such as that offered by the subsidiary of the own Orange, pleasant.