8 Reasons to Stop Painting the Hair

8 Reasons to Stop Painting the Hair

Authenticity and cool head are some of the advantages of leaving the dye

Every woman that has ever dyed their hair has a different reason for the decision. Some ladies of older age tend to defend the idea that the woman should take advantage of the natural colour of the hair for as much time as is possible, starting to paint them only when it is inevitable, that is, when the white strands begin to appear.

8 Reasons to Stop Painting the Hair 1

But the evolution of the dye and other techniques of dyeing allows, today, that the woman change without damaging both the hair and, therefore, to paint the hair has become very popular, at any age.

To be different and authentic, that such re-use the yarn in the original color? The advantages are varied – and some are in the list below.

1. Cut costs

To maintain the desired tone is not an easy task – and much less expensive. So, when you resolve back to the original color, the cost of the wire decreases dramatically. The spare cash you can apply in other things, or even in the hair itself, treating and taking care of hydration, for example.

2. Decrease the concern

Rather than always be thinking about when it will be time to touch up the dye, such a cool head? In addition, the dyed hair requires different care so that it does not from drying out and seems to always healthy and beautiful. Accept your natural tone – and relax.

3. Help your hair to grow

Dye, lighten, darken, brighten up: all of this messes too much with the structure of the wire. If you want your locks to grow faster and healthier, leave tinker in color.

8 Reasons to Stop Painting the Hair 2

4. Keep the wires more beautiful

Once again, you have to remember that all of the chemical messes in the structure of the yarn and, therefore, can end up damaging its appearance. Let the paint helps to keep them more hydrated and strong.

5. Give a time for the hair to become better in future experiences

If you paint the wires with frequency, you know that it is not always possible to make a certain change, because the chemical previously used always influences into new treatments. If you pass a time without dyeing, in the future your hair will be better prepared for other experiences.

6. Change the look

It is not madness, it is logical reasoning. When you paint the hair, you are probably thinking of changing the look. If that is so, why not use the same thinking and let you use the paint for this? There are high chances that you barely remember what the natural color of your wires, and if that is so with you, imagine with the other people – radical change of the visual, only leaving what is natural appear.

8 Reasons to Stop Painting the Hair 3

7. Enjoy your originality

To be authentic is so difficult nowadays, that any resource available to this becomes almost mandatory. How many women paint their hair, stop dying your hair it can be a big step toward your differential. So, when they ask you what color you pass, the only possible answer will be “it’s my natural tone, to be able to this here, only being born again”.

8. Devote your time to other things

Instead of staying in a salon for long hours, you can read, stroll in the park, get a boyfriend, sleep, and lots of other cool things.