Tenant-Landlord Law

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California Tenant-Landlord Law

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Calif. - Ask the Lawyer
Service provided by the S.F. Renter network enables users to view archived questions with accompanying replies and to post personal queries.

Calif. - California Rental Housing Information
Californians can link to associations devoted to landlord-tenant issues and can glean text of pertinent statutes, texts and services.

Calif. - California Tenants Rights, TenantNet
Guide for California residents includes legislative bulletins and texts, links to organizations and informational articles.

Calif. - Consumer Publications, Landlord/Tenant
State Department of Consumer Affairs enables users to procure brochures about rental legal issues. Some items available in Spanish.

Calif. - Fair Housing Council of San Diego
Survey the articles in this index to glean specifics about tenant rights, governing legislation and fair practices. Features a Q&A and a forum.

Calif. - Fair Housing in Los Angeles
Fair Housing Congress of S. California maintains this network to guide users in developments and legal issues affecting tenants. Lists laws.

Calif. - Greedysflandlord.com
Interactive arena enables San Francisco, California residents to vent about landlord problems and to warn others about possible hazards.

Calif. - Housing Rights, Inc.
Berkeley, Calif. group hones in on guidelines delineating symptoms of housing discrimination, and adds general and contact info for the public.

Calif. - Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board
Agency offers a primer to California and national fair housing laws, covering historical info. Learn about complaint processes and its services.

Calif. - Lea. of Calif. Homeowners, Fair Housing Guide
Scrutinize this guide for an introduction to housing discrimination, and then extract contact information to multiple organizations offering aid.

Calif. - League of Calif. Homeowners, Consumer Updates
Homeowners and tenants can receive bulletins and alerts from this state organization. Peruse articles, and link to related tips and resources.

Calif. - Project Sentinel
Non-profit serves Northern Calif. renters by performing its advocacy and watchdog purposes. Review a FAQ, and access its article archive.

Calif. - Renters, Los Angeles Housing Department
Southern California office supplies an information page delineating the rights of state tenants. Discusses unsafe housing conditions.

Calif. - Resources for Renters
Sift through the organizations and resources listed in this directory, to obtain assistance, links, guides or contact information.

Calif. - San Francisco Rent Board
Learn about tenant rights in the Bay Area. Offers a handbook and records of local ordinances.

Calif. - Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights
Southern California organization maintains this information center to disseminate news, exhibit stances and supply resources for area tenants.

Calif. - Tenant Reference Kit, Rent Stabilization Board
Berkeley's rental office provides this resource containing articles, guides, FAQs and laws pertinent to landlords and tenants in California.

Calif. - Tenants Legal Center of San Diego
Offers information and assistance for tenants in the San Diego area. Find an overview of tenant law and details about the legal info phone line.

Calif. - Your Rights, San Francisco Tenants Union
Regional consumer protection group maintains a clearinghouse of articles on such topics as evictions, repairs, harassment and security deposits.

Los Angeles Magazine - Boot Camp: Evictions in So Cal
Two-page 2000 article examines why so many Southern California families are losing their rent-stabilized homes each year.



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