Tenant-Landlord Law

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Colorado Tenant-Landlord Law

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Colo. - Colorado Rental Housing Information
Distributes resources regarding tenant and landlord rights and duties in Colorado. Obtain handbooks, org. info, code text and law nutshells.

Colo. - Joint Tenancy, Colorado Bar Association
Peruse a guide to this term delineating a form of property ownership, and find out about related ramifications and issues.

Colo. - Landlord-Tenant Handbook
State Department of Housing and Human Services prepared this brochure to educate its native renters and lessors about their duties and rights.

Colo. - Rental Survival Kit
Prospective tenants may want to assuage fears and find answers within this article discussing the major issues involved in the leasing process.

Colo. - Rentlaw.com, Landlord-Tenant Law
Disseminates statutory blurbs regarding state rental law, and distributes links to related texts, articles and organizations.



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