Tenant-Landlord Law

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Missouri Tenant-Landlord Law

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Mo. - Kansas City Fair Housing Center
Missouri organization exhibits a guide explaining fair housing and how victims can respond. Includes contact information.

Mo. - Landlord-Tenant Law, A Consumer Guide
Missouri attorney Ed Reed delivers an introduction to general landlord-tenant law, noting state-specific issues. Holds links to the firm.

Mo. - Metro St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council
Missouri org. introduces itself and its services, and conveys primers on complaints, laws, tenant rights and indicators of illegal activity.

Mo. - Missouri Attorney General, Landlord-Tenant Law
State legal office presents a primer to relevant property leasing law, covering repairs, discrimination, subleasing, eviction and expiration.

Mo. - Resources for Renters
Users visiting this data center can gain access to organizations, publications and guides, all devoted to Missouri landlord-tenant law.

Mo. - Title 29, Chapter 441
Defines relevant terms regarding the rental relationship, and covers such issues as covenants, termination, rent, possession, remedies and liens.



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