Tenant-Landlord Law

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New York Tenant-Landlord Law

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N.Y. - Lower Manhattan Loft Tenants, Hood, Law and LMLT
Regional group offers a background of its actions and relevant legislative developments affecting its community. Link to organization specifics.

N.Y. - Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law
Legal info clearinghouse maintains this index of organizations, manuals, commentary and services well-versed in the specific body of law.

N.Y. - Resources for Renters
Distributes contact information, email addresses and links to associations, services and information aimed at the state's renting populace.

N.Y. - Rights of N.Y. City Housing Authority Tenants
Tutorial article from one attorney outlines and explains the oft-overlooked legal rights and responsibilities of these city residents. Has a FAQ.

N.Y. - Rights of Residential Owners and Tenants
New York State Bar Association contributes text of its pamphlet outlining the rights of parties in the landlord-tenant relationship.

N.Y. - Tenant's Rights Guide
Attorney general's office expounds on the responsibilities, rights, actions, terms and remedies involved with the lessor-lessee relationship.



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