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North Dakota Tenant-Landlord Law

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N.D. - Eviction Law
Legal guide captures parts of Chapters 47-17, 47-16 and 33-06 of North Dakota code, forming the basis for state legal policies on evictions.

N.D. - North Dakota Fair Housing Council
Clearinghouse of information geared toward consumer residents contains links, newsletters, articles and guides. Find contact info and a FAQ.

N.D. - Office of Attorney General, Brochures
Sift through the state office's catalog of pamphlets to download guides on such topics as eminent domain and tenant rights. States instructions.

N.D. - Rent Control Law
Scrutinize this excerpt from Chapter 47-16 of North Dakota's statutes to glean an understanding of the state's policy against rent control.

N.D. - Resources for Renters
Survey this catalog of services and resources geared toward fostering those with tenant questions and concerns. Provides links and contact data.

N.D. - Security Deposit Law
Skim through highlights of North Dakota's statutes, specifically within Chapter 47-16, for an overview of state security deposit law.



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