A Character Type: 6 Fashion Rules and a Before-After Experiment

Today’s post is an experiment by which the love Conny of the blog “A Hemad and a HOS” courageously stood me to the side. The question was: why certain outfits of A figure by Conny and others do not work? And how can this effect be explained logically? To do this, Conny received the task to put together several outfits – namely those that considers miscarriage and those who liked her. I was allowed to choose the unvorteilhafteste from my point of view and best outfit and analyze. Resulted is a kind of Before after outfit analysis, which has an interesting learning effect. Because you not only know what works for Conny’s individual A character, precisely, but get some evidence with which 6 fashion rules let you fine-tune the proportions of your own character . Are you ready for an experiment at the living people?Then we go:

The main objectives of styling for Conny’s slight A figure

Conny has a slight A figure. Her focus is something wider hips and thighs stronger and thus somewhat lower on the body. Their narrow, slightly sloping shoulders, which, typically represent the largest horizontal, proportional shift for the A figure – are conspicuous.

Considering the vertical proportions, Conny has a feminine figure with realistic approx. 7.5 head lengths, taking the legs a little more than 3.5 head length. Conny’s legs are longer than many women with A typical figure, tends to be more equipped with shorter legs . The step line is placed about 3 head lengths below the Chin, is so pretty much DaVincis ideal proportions. The largest vertical displacement at Conny is located in the torso area. In addition to the long neck, the body height is, the distance between waist and crotch – that is something greater. The narrowest part is thus slightly elevated on the upper body and narrow shoulders are still smaller in direct comparison to the strong vertical neck line.

Conclusion: For Conny, it is important to be edgier and more broadly, her hips her shoulders appear narrower. In addition, the neck should visually slightly shorter, the waist something deeper and the legs slightly longer work. It is also well for Conny, if viewpoints are used on her narrow waist and diverted attention from the hips and thighs.

The before-after-outfit analysis: So you balance the proportions of A figure

With these requirements in mind, the two examples of the outfit by Conny can be excellently analyzed. Don’t miss on it also to look at the Original outfits on Connys blog !

Outfit 1: Pants in pink with clutter-hem and black round neck sweater

Conny’s A character in a bad outfit: the dark, unadorned sweater Conny’s upper body is even smaller, the flashy pink pants draws the eye on powerful thighs and hips.

This outfit has more details, which unfortunately are not ideal for Conny:

  • The neckline is too halsfern to visually shorten the neck by Conny.
  • The plain and unstructured shoulders of sweaters does nothing to make wider or edgier work the shoulders.
  • The black of the sweaters makes overall and in comparison with the lower body even smaller upper body – this color pattern is counterproductive for our styling goals!
  • The bright pink of pants draws all attention on itself and exactly on the zone that we actually wanted to hide something.
  • Not even enough pants down to the ankles because she was carded. This shortens the legs.
  • The pants are also from the knee down very narrow cut, which – in particular the hips – seems all about wider than they actually are.
  • The shoes in high-contrast black produce a color transition on the leg that shortened the leg in addition.
  • Last but not least: The strong Color contrast black-pink is somewhat too strong for Conny and kills her rich, natural color spectrum. But that would be a different story…

No wonder, then, that Conny of this outfit has attracted only our experiment for the sake and in his own words “definitely never would wear it”.

Outfit 2: Grey knitted mini dress with bright Biker jacket

This layered look completely changed the proportions of Conny and produces a harmonious figure.

The layered look with grey knitted mini dress and Biker jacket produces completely different proportions at Conny’s body. Her legs look long, waist seems in the right place, shoulders and hips look equally wide and the length of the neck is no longer an issue. These are the fashion tricks that work together here:

  • The neckline of the dress is almost anything further than that of the black sweaters from example 1, but something big has changed: very halsnah a broad, heavy and conspicuous necklace emblazoned now. This draws the eye to Conny’s face and compensates for the neck. But beware: Only women with long necks as a tightly-fitting splendor necklace can wear really well!

Fashion rule 1: The form of the chain can compensate for the form of an unfavourable snippet and visually alter the length of the neck.

  • Cover-up: The wool dress with its Empire-cut and its width of the skirt completely obscures the location of waist, hips and crotch and makes a single, long vertical. No one knows more where Conny’s legs to start or stop. Or how wide hips and thighs are indeed. The Empire line emphasizes a slim area at Conny’s body with a horizontal line.

Fashion rule 2: If you want to change the ratio between your legs and waist-length, hide your waist-hip-step zone and reshape the exterior silhouette!

  • The highlight of the outfit is the bright Biker jacket. It holds together the outfit and gives more structure to the wide knit dress. Also, she placed the waist at the desired height with its waisted silhouette and has the correct length to make a conveniently placed color transition. But the best thing is: forms wonderfully edgy, wider shoulders. Keep in mind how the expectant after top wide lapel line draws the eye upwards and outwards! Also, the shoulder seams of the jacket are well padded so that the falling shoulder line is well balanced.

Fashion rule 3: Structured jackets with wide lapel and shoulder pads make up narrow, sloping shoulders.

  • The legs are dark below the short hem line of the dress and nondescript. The dark brown of boots and black of pantyhose are kontrastlos and seamlessly extend the leg up to the tips of your toes.

Fashion rule 4: Dark tights with dark shoes extend and streamline the legs.

  • The most sophisticated of the outfit, however, is his color composition: from the ground up a lighter decreasing gradient arises. The upper, outermost layer is the brightest color of the outfit. It calls attention not only sent upwards to the slender body parts and the statement necklace, but very quietly moved the center of gravity slightly upward – target reached!

Fashion rule 5: Place the brightest colors of your outfit to the body areas that would strengthen you or accentuate.

  • And still a nice effect that is worth mentioning: the dark brown of boots corresponds perfectly with the warm beige brown tones of the Colliers. This results in a direct connection between shoes and face, which functions like a clip color holds together the outfit. Needless to say, that the Collier takes up all the colors of the outfits – also the cooler gray – and to find this in turn also to Conny’s head are… I’d call that a successful, harmonious color scheme!

Fashion rule 6: When you combine colors which occur in your natural pigmentation, always a harmonious overall picture emerges.

The funny thing here is that also Conny has immediately sensed that this outfit for you is beneficial: “the dress is one of my favorite outfits that I wear very often. Your tip, to combine a light jacket, now really well liked. And so this outfit landed on my feel good list at the top. ”

Find your ideal outfit and stick with it!

This example on FashionRuling shows very clearly what fashionable instruments and basic fashion rules you relatively quickly to compensate for your figure type and its specific horizontal and vertical proportions. Have you now get to go after lust? I am convinced that every woman with the right knowledge and some trial and error can discover for their individual character, attractive outfits. Can definitely do it! And what happens once you’ve found your favorite outfit? It’s simple: Stick with it and wear it in all conceivable variations!

As always I appreciate your thoughts on the subject and your recommendation of fashion Whisperer on friends, colleagues and acquaintances! But the most important is: you stay relaxed!

Note: Thank you very much, dear Conny, you were so brave to engage you on this experiment! Especially the fact that you’ve collected deliberately figured adverse combinations for our contribution as a fashion blogger and were immediately ready to display them publicly, proves true size and sovereignty! Thank you for your trust!