A Developer Is Responsible for 48,000 Applications for BlackBerry

If you are users of smartphones BlackBerry, You can make a BlackBerry World or simply visit the web site of this online software store. There is a particularly relevant fact: a single developer, with alias S4BB, has created nearly 48,000 applications for this platform, one third of the totality of the BlackBerry World catalog.

Of course, the vast majority of them are absolutely useless applications. “Restart Me Free”, “Daily Quote” or “Lock for SMS” are a few examples of those tools that add little value and in fact undermine to the catalogue of BlackBerry, whose quality is obviously very reduced with this type of situation.
Although S4BB also offers some interesting applications, the fact that a single developer (or perhaps a group of them under the same alias) has the 30% share of applications for BlackBerry is, at the very least, worrisome.

BlackBerry have recognized certain problems, and one of its directors indicated that “the discovery of applications in oversize stores remains a problem affecting all developers”, but despite the theoretical intentions of filtering your catalogue – something which for example Apple has precisely led to the other end-the reality seems to be very different.

BlackBerry World policymakers should radically change its management to solve this kind of problems, they do more than aggravate the already delicate situation a company that has already declared his intention to be acquired by another company.