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The name of the kingdom of Cambodia was also taken from Sanskrit, since at that time Buddhism and Hinduism were very common in the country. Not so long ago, in the 70-80s, instead of the real name, a name closer to the original was used – Kampuchea. After the end of the long-term war, Cambodia began to attract a large number of tourists, mainly the well-known complex of temples located in the center of the country near the city of Siem Reap served as the object of their interest. In addition, beach tourism began to develop, as there are a large number of beaches that are concentrated in the southern part of the country. At the moment, Cambodia remains a country in which most of the income is brought by tourists who come here because of the mild climate, low prices and exotic cuisine. Of course, tourism here is not as developed as in neighboring Thailand,

Geography of Cambodia

According to smber, the geographical location of the kingdom is Southeast Asia, on the map it has the shape of a square, due to which the distance from north to south and from west to east is approximately the same, and this favorably affects the development of tourism. Geographically, Cambodia is located in a place where there are conditions for the development of any kind of tourism. In the South-West of the country there is a coastal zone with exotic beaches, the center of the country is characterized by a flat relief and is surrounded by low mountains that attract outdoor enthusiasts.


Phnom Penh


The area of the country is 181,000 km².


The population of the country is 14,800,000 people and ranks 63rd in terms of population.


The national currency is the Riel (KHR).


The official language is Khmer, with tourists they communicate in English and French.

Visa to Cambodia

Russians can get a visa on arrival or contact the consulate. The minimum period for which a visa can be issued is 3 days. The consular fee is 20-25 US dollars. If a child under the age of 16 flies with an adult, then it is included in the visa of one of the parents.

Weather in Cambodia

The climate of the kingdom of Cambodia is subequatorial, it is dry in winter, and a humid period begins in summer (from May to October). The hottest month is April, during this period the temperature can reach 35-50 °C, and the coldest is December, when the average temperature is 20-25 °C. It is believed that the best time to visit is the winter season (September-March).


The transport system of Cambodia is poorly developed. Basically, all transportation is carried out by water and road transport. There are practically no ordinary roads in the country, since during the rainy season such a coating does not withstand and is washed away by showers. In this regard, the main transport is river transport, since there are a fairly large number of rivers in the country. There is an underdeveloped rail network that leads to Thailand. Trains are somewhat different from what we are used to. Firstly, they are uncomfortable, and secondly, they drive very slowly. Many tourists prefer to ride on the roof of the train, as you can see all the beauties of this country and take interesting pictures. There is no public transport in the cities, you can get around by taxi, and there are two types of taxis: regular and motorcycle taxis. The cost of a trip from the airport to the center of the capital costs only 8 dollars, and those who prefers to ride a motorcycle, such a trip will cost only 1 dollar. In general, moving around the city is very cheap, you can hire a taxi driver for the whole day, so you can save a small amount of money.

Currency exchange in Cambodia

As of June 2011, the rate is 1 USD = 4100 KHR. There are no restrictions on the exchange in the country. In the capital, you can exchange money at banking institutions or at common exchange offices. It is allowed to import up to 10 thousand dollars, to export more than 10 thousand dollars from the state, you need to obtain permission from the National Bank of Cambodia. It is forbidden to take local currency out of the country.


230V/60Hz (American and European sockets).


Just like in the countries bordering Cambodia, the official religion here is Buddhism, but it is worth noting that every year the number of people accepting Christianity and Islam is growing, this applies not only to large cities, but also to villages. Among the Chinese who live in this area, Confucianism is widespread.


At the moment, there are some security problems in the country. In many forests and jungles there are still bandit groups and partisan detachments. The number of automatic weapons in the hands of the inhabitants of the country is quite large. In addition, a big problem is the unexploded mines left here from the war, on which more than 2 thousand people are blown up every year, so it is best for tourists to travel along proven tourist routes. But it is impossible not to notice that every year the security situation is improving, cities with a large number of bandit groups are being cleared, minefields are being checked. It is advisable not to visit the capital during various festivals and festivities, since it is at this time that the number of crimes using weapons increases, although most often weapons are not used, bandits just take money. In the dark, it is better to go out with an escort, take documents with you and large sums of money are not worth it. In no case do not leave your luggage at train stations and airports, even for one minute. The greatest precautions should be taken in Phnom Penh.


It is advisable to purchase travel insurance before visiting Cambodia, which will include medical expenses. Medical facilities in the country are not very well developed and practically do not meet Western standards. Outside of Phnom Penh, it is almost impossible to find any medical institution where you can receive emergency care. Before starting treatment, doctors require an advance payment from patients, so you need to prepare money before going to the hospital. When buying medicines in pharmacies, you need to be extremely careful, as very often you can be sold a fake. In addition, the country has a high level of AIDS.

About Cambodia

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