Advertorial: Pants Fit the Perfect Pants Cut

A pair of trousers should sit well and look beautiful: this is the be-all and end-all in good styling. EMILIA LAY designed such pants in large sizes for fashion-conscious curve.

Feminine styling looks best with a curvy figure. Also the garments should be rounded and adapt to the body shape. Box-shaped outfits, however, unflattering look for. The fabric should be fluent work, be best accompanied by stretch shares. Everything is too stiff woven makes you appear immobile. The pants should sit at the waist and longer cut. EMILIA LAY designing trousers that implements these requirements in the section.There are two pants styles to choose from:

Blue Style

The cut of the BLUE style pants is suitable for women who have a few pounds on the hips. The body proportions are evenly and a regular size in a large size fits perfectly. Pants sits very well on thighs, hips and buttocks, the stretch fabric provides comfort – the fashionable claim is of course maintained. Here is the straight-cut pants combined with a contrasting top. The silhouette appears well-formed, the legs are slim and the occurrence of very feminine (seen at

Red Style

The cutting of the RED style pants is, however, still female designed and offers more space at the thighs and buns, also on the belly is further held the pants. By the high seat on the Federal small pads are cleverly concealed, the elastane share offers freedom of movement even in the seats. The “female” of the two types of trousers by no means dispenses style appeal. The easily issued pants optically Slims the waist and extended the legs at the same time (as seen

An elegant look created quickly with the right styling and matching accessories. Choose best high heels or shoes with heels that pants underlines the well-fitting cut the EMILIA LAY and makes you look stretched. Tip: This fall, you should set to ice pastel looks.