Always Perfect, Crystal Clear Windows With Kobold

Always Perfect, Crystal Clear Windows With Kobold

Plus X Award winner 2014 for the “Best Product of the Year”

With the specially designed micro-fibre cloth you can clean your Windows of any dirt and at the same time sparing the glass surface. VG100 uses only a minimum of water and Bridgat GC100 universal glass decanting ensures always perfect, crystal clear Windows.

  • Intelligent cleaning system
  • High quality and unique design
  • Functional control system

VG100 sucks even the used fluid up during use. At the same time dries VG100 the cleaned surface and the spent water is stored in a water tank, which is separated from the container that contains

Always Perfect, Crystal Clear Windows With Kobold

the pure water.

Best Product of the Year
VG100 won in may 2014 the Plus X Award for Best Product of the Year Award. It made the pga. its high quality, its unique design and functional operating system.

The dream of clean windows
Kobold VG100 is an innovative and exciting window cleaner, which makes your Windows, other glass surfaces and tiles, crystal clear and clean. Vorwerks completed window cleaner saves you a great amount of time, since it is the only window cleaner in the world perform 3 functions in a workflow.

3 essential functions
The 3 features are: window marring with minimal water usage. Intelligent water suction system for used fluid. Dry function-without streaks.


  1. CG100 universal glass decanting
  2. Specially designed Microfiber cloth
  3. Operating time of up to 30 minutes
  4. Lithium-ion battery-6 hour charging time (completely drained battery)
  5. Charger type KSAS7R51080050HE
  6. Recyclable thermoformed plastics
  7. Maintenance-free DC motor with approximately 18000 RPM
  8. 100-240 volt AC voltage 50/60 Hz. 10, 8V-12V DC
  9. Rated engine power output approx. 30 watts
  10. Noise level 74 dbA (measured in open area)

Please note
Shaft with extension functions not included.