An Onlineticket and a Sweat Break

WOW-the month of January is rum… so almost… On Monday we start not only in ne new week, but also in February. 

Was not just Christmas? This feeling could be due to the fact that I have just cleared away the remnants of the Christmas decoration… O:-) I think four weeks are too little for this amount of Dekokram. This year I will adorn the tree as early as the beginning of December. But hey… what I laber here from Christmas, after all, The Easter Bunny is soon in da House…

An Online Ticket And An Outbreak Of Sweat

WOW-January is finished… well almost…. On Monday, it’s the first day of the year. What it is Christmas last week? It’s possible that I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. This year I will decorate the Christmas tree at the beginning of December and then I can enjoy it for longer. But hey… what am I doing? Chatting about Christmas… after all it’s going to be long before the Easter bunny is in the house…

Exciting Story

But apart from my missing clean-up gene, my year went off pretty great and because of me it likes to go on like this. This month, I had the great pleasure of meeting Cla ♥ and Valérie ♥ (together with their wonderful family) and today I am on my way back to FFM-by train ;-). This promises a new exciting story… and I’ve actually experienced it before I’ve started the journey at all and has something to do with the ID card, which one now has to specify on online tickets.

An Exciting Story

Irrespective of my paint of “tidying-up” genes, my year has begun great and if it were to me, it can continue in this way. This month I have had the great pleasure of meeting and Cla Valérie (and Their respectivement families) and today I’m on my way to Frankfurt again – by train This promises to be a new exciting story… which I really have experienced before the journey I’ve got an ID card that you can buy.

A Sweat

I’m just saying that you should not let your old ID card with the city devalue if you want to use a train ticket, which is on the old number of the passport… And you never guess who did that. I said on Monday to the nice lady of the office that she can keep the old passport, only to get an entire unconventional sweat break an hour later. Three phone calls later I know: The train is relentless, if the correct ID card is not present-the ticket is invalid… Umbuchen would be possible, but everything will be about 50 euros more expensive… Finally, I have so ne early bird savings price version booked …

An outbreak of sweat

I’ll be back to you soon. I’ll be back to you soon. And you’ll never guess who did just that. On Monday I would like to have a good time in my office. Three telephone calls later I know: English Railways are unrelated when the correct ID card is not available. That means the ticket is not valid… .. Euro 50 more expensive…. After all I had booked an early bird budget-price version….

Confirmation From The Office

After another 20 minutes of the telephone (the queue included), I found that a written confirmation from the Office is sufficient, if the last four digits of my old ID card are included. What a lucky thing that the mad woman from the office could still remember me and confirmed everything by e-mail. So I am today with a confirmation letter and the onlineticket on the way to FFM-please keep my fingers crossed that it is really enough to write… The outfit I have worn when we met with Valérie ♥ and I wanted you already the Whole time show… Have a nice Friday and nen great start to the weekend, dear everyone!

Confirmation from administrative office

After a further 20 minutes on the phone (including the waiting loop) I found out that I am in the office. What I would like to do in the future? And so today I am at the end of the day, and I have a lot of fun with you Weekend everybody!

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