Android Studio Way to Chrome OS, Google Could Announce It on The Google I/O 2017

2017 East seems to be one of the years most important for Chrome OS, the year which finally Google will meats on the grill to demonstrate that this desktop operating system has much to say.

Now all the new Chromebooks launched from 2017 will come with Google Play so users can install more than one million applications and Android games. Chrome OS is made compatible with Android.

This compatibilizad has created a very peculiar situation, and that is that developers who want to develop applications and compatible with Chrome OS Android games have to use today to Windows, macOS or Linux to use the development environment Android Studio, but this will change soon.

Google is already working on the version of Android Studio for Chrome OS. There are already mentions of this version in the Chromium project’s source code repository, so that could be one of the surprises of the Google I/o 2017, which will be held next month from May 17 to 19.

In this way, developers can finally create applications and games with Android Studio from Chrome OS. They would no longer have to use another OS so very expected and logical move by Google, and that it had much sense to develop for their operating systems you have to go to the competition.