Apple Buys Lala Music Startup

On Friday (4) Apple announced the purchase of startup music Lala.Lala offers sales and streaming music directly from the internet services. The fact is interesting because it can help the music store iTunes to allow streaming and collections that they are “in the cloud” rather than on the hard drives of each user.

Today Lala offers for 10 cents a possibility of unlimited streaming music you have purchased in this format. Another option is to buy it at a cost of about 80 cents. Here in Brazil, the site is accessible but the songs do not.

Apple executives did not confirm the intentions we have with the purchase of this startup. According to them Apple customarily buy small technology companies and does not comment on its plans.

Analysts said Lala, despite agreements with record companies to offer these services, their contracts do not transfer the possibility of streaming music for company buyers in case Apple.

It is quite possible that Apple will offer in the coming months a similar service. Instead of sync your iPhone / iPod with your computer, perhaps the business is listen to the music directly from the internet. If this happens, it is a big change for the apple company. [New York Times]