Apple Will Soon Pass You the Ring Connected to the Finger

According to the latest patent filed by Apple, the next site the mark to Apple would be connected rings.

After the watches and bracelets connected previously described, so smart rings. In full infancy, this specific market in the sphere of connected objects would be so probed by Apple. That’s what the Californian giant is now trying to suggest to us with laying his last patent referring to all the potential features of this product.

Rather Alliance Or Gadget?

Still at the concept stage, this connected ring consisting of a small screen would be a feat of nanotechnology, practice dear to the brand, with in addition a wireless transmitter, a microphone, a biometric sensor concentrated in the Interior of the object, as well as a rechargeable battery.

Its frame is potentially composable via several different materials, which let consider an offer of proposed customization. It is easy to think of the opportunities open to Apple in order to sign future partnerships with the big names in the luxury industry to promote its products. Déjà vu you say?

Side feature, the connected ring, which is made to be worn on the index finger and used with the thumb, will serve as a relay between your arsenal of Apple products, especially your iPhone. Thanks to the 3D Touchtechnology, you can, it seems, discreetly use your mobile device in situations that they force it via your connected ring through networks Wi-fi, Bluetooth or even NFC (Near Field Communication, or short-range Communication).

Nothing very innovative on the paper so, apart from interconnectivity that would possess rings connected between them : in the example made by the patent filed by Apple, these could operate concerted actions : for example, you make a voice command to initiate a money transfer to a third party, action will be that when you have shook him, if it is of course also with a ring connected.

Not what to take to Green Lantern so, but expect some more talking innovations over the development of the concept within the next months. In the meantime, the rings will remain decorative ornaments that we know from