Apple’s Earphones Check The Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

According to rumors, there will be earphones, which can measure your heart rate and check your blood pressure with Apple’s next top model, iPhone 6.

Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods

The next version of Apple EarPods comes with iPhone 6, and they can measure your heart rate – it is alleged in a new leak, shared by an anonymous user on leakage-app called Secret. These earphones will also communicate with iBeacon – so you can always find them.

Although other companies such as Intel and LG have already launched similar products and earphones with sensors, can it possibly be a great news. Especially when you consider that Apple is planning to launch iOS8 with a health-app, if one can rely on earlier leaks. And Apple earphones that checks blood pressure fit perfectly with such an app!

Another product which could fit nicely with this app, and compete with other companies  “body close technology” is a smart watch Apple planning to launch. This can get the name smart watch iWatch, but it is not yet safe.

It is also not good to say about the rumors and leaks from the Secret app fits, because users are completely anonymous. But there are still more who believe in them, since a number of rumors that were shared at the Secret app, has proven to be true.