Approaching The Android without Google: Blu and Cyanogen Will Bet by Opera, Bing and Cortana

Kirt McMaster a man who is saved is not what you think, and in recent weeks has left us some pearls as his forecast that Apple and Samsung will fall in 5 years as already happened other leaders such as RIM and Nokia, or that the aspirations of your company spend by getting that Android will become independent of Google.

But if the CEO of Cyanogen is an optimistic person of itself, how are going to shut up now that his company has achieved a funding round of $ 80 million with the participation of companies of the likes of Twitter, Telef├│nica or Rupert Murdoch? In an interview yesterday with Forbes McMaster not only ratified his words, but it ensures that they will end up with Google, which go to put a bullet in the head with a new phone.

The first Mobile Android without Google

┬┐Pero How to get free Android do consider the tyranny of Google that from Cyanogen? By the end of January Kirt McMaster pointed towards the creation of its own applications store to not depend on both Google, and maybe and as revealed in his interview with Forbes that project is closer to become reality so we thought.

At the end of this year Blu would launch a mobile OS Cyanogen and Google Apps.

And is that the most popular panorama Android ROM already has reached an agreement with Blu, a manufacturer of Miami, to create the first mobile version of Cyanogen OS without Google and its applications. According to the CEO of Blu this mobile could leave at the end of the year, and although details have not yet been closed they will bet rid of Google Apps and bet on other yielding better.

This phone would use the Amazon Appstore, browser Opera and Dropbox and OneDrive cloud services, as well as maps of Nokia Here and music services Spotify. The presence of Microsoft will charge a special importance, since We would also be faced with Bing and Cortana. It seems that you despite not having invested eventually in Cyanogen, Redmond’s still firmly believe in the benefits of a union with the ROM of McMaster.

It will not be a path of roses

Although the effort of getting a free Android by McMaster makes that more than one we wish you the best for your project, Google has shown on more than one occasion his darker side When finished with the competition It-based Android operating systems, something that will be willing to inentar to repeat if Cyanogen starts to take force.

Google already prevented that Acer pulled out a fork of Android

In fact, as remind us in Android Authority Google already resorted to pressure a few years ago for get Acer cancelled his project of CloudMobile A800. This phone was brand new Aliyun OS, a fork of Android past cloud and incompatible with Google Apps.

But the fact that it is in favour of Blu phone Cyanogen has nothing to lose with the enmity of Google. The of Android is open source, so it can use it as come them in wins, and aren’t any manufacturer having the sale Mobile Android with which the search engine company can blackmail them.