Asymmetry of Frames Is Trend in DÉCor

Each Frame In Its Proper Place (Or Not)

Frames are welcome everywhere in the house because they give life and personality to the environments. However, care in the choice of art and arrangement of objects are differential for a more contemporary decoration, leaving aside any traces of conservatism. The turn of the time is the use ofunusual compositions, with different sizes, motifs and positions.

According to architect Carmen Calixto, an interesting way to use frames is to support them in panels or shelves. “Besides being beautiful, you do not have to stick the walls. This is a good option for rented apartments, or for those who usually get bored easily and like to move things around frequently.” Read:How to Decorate a Rented Property

The art of painting is as important as composition, as the architect explains. ” We must avoid pictures with paintings or images of doubtful taste.For those who can not afford to invest in works of art, there are several interesting options such as posters and photo frames.There are virtual galleries specialized in this type of painting, with infinite cost options Interesting, “says Carmen Calixto.

To avoid an outdated frame composition, it is interesting to invest in an asymmetric layout, working the volume and colors lightly and spontaneously. According to interior designer Iara Santos you can not be afraid to mix frame, size and styles. Important also is to cherish the history of the picture in the lives of those who enjoy the environment. Read: Distribution of Wall Frames

” Pictures do not have to match each other. It is very important that the pieces chosen touch the owners of the house somehow, as always will be in evidence in space. Choose only because they combine with the decor is not recommended,” said Iara Santos. She cites a project where she used photo frames and they gave a lot of personality to the decor. “With warm colors, they harmonized well with the ambient tones. The composition gave an extra charm.”

In this project, the freedom of layout was total. The designer Iara Santos chose to work with equal and different sizes of frames. They were also arranged both on the wall and leaning against the wooden bench.Photo: Daniel Mansur