BAFTA Awards: iPhone 5s Shoots Photos from the Red Carpet

Shortly before the Oscars, the British Academy of film and Television Arts (BAFTA) gives their film awards in London. Your photographer on the red carpet, Jonathan Birch, was this year with only one iPhone 5 s and delivered successful photos without great paparazzi equipment.

Include Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, and the Director Steve McQueen, who received the award for best film for “12 years a slave” 2014 strolled the red carpet said.

Shoot Beautiful Photos and Quickly Share

The photographer Jonathan Birch praises that “discreet” iPhone 5s with which he “could capture more intimate moments and immediately share another side of the BAFTA Awards”. The 8 mega pixel camera of smartphones customize themselves quickly the environment his opinion, which was a huge help especially on the red carpet, where the environmental conditions change rapidly. The most exciting feature of the iPhone 5s tone Flash is for lawfaqs: “I wish my camera had this.”

The BAFTA chose the iPhone 5 s but not only because of his photography equipment. “During the night of the awards ceremony, we wanted to shoot great photos for our social networks, and to do this it was necessary to be able to share these pictures quickly and to maintain our standards of image quality at the same time,” reported Janette Dalley, Director of photography at BAFTA Dalley takes big words for Apple’s Smartphone best-selling book: “The iPhone 5 s allows to take our pictures, which for the first time will enter future archives of BAFTA, and in the living history of photography in that.”