BBM Is Filtered before in Time and Blackberry Decided to Postpone The Official Launch

“Die of success”. Who would say that we would be referring to Blackberry, and more specifically to your app’s BBM Messenger, with that expression after the bad times that the Canadian company is going. If you remember, it was intended that this weekend BBM came finally to iOS and Android. As well: at the end not going to be so as they have confirmed since the company.

Apparently, hours before the BBM was officially available for Android, someone leaked the application without authorization. According to figures provided by Blackberry, they came to get more than 1.1 million users in just 8 hours since this unofficial app appeared on the Internet. Without giving many details, they state that this level of activity has caused problems and that they are working to fix them since, but meanwhile stops the release of BBM worldwide.

What does this mean? For users who already had downloaded through iTunes in iOS will continue, but it will not be possible to make new downloads. For those who are using the filtered version of Android, it will soon stop. And when it will be released finally? At the moment there is no official dates but yes they have confirmed that It will be launched by countries, Surely so that the process is more controlled and avoid so that happen again the same.

From Blackberry, and as expected despite the disaster, have chosen to make a positive reading: many people are interested in BBM, to such an extent that the activity has ‘killed’ the service. For others, this can be one sign of the weakness of BlackBerry. Can survive a messaging app in the market if with? 1.1 million users (repetimos, según cifras de Blackberry) already gives problems, while they had announced their release with much anticipation and they should have been prepared? Do you want to take advantage of BBM the buzz and headlines to prove to the world that the people is interested in your app?

There are interpretations for everyone, but only one sure thing: anyone who wants to use BBM on iOS or Android will have to wait.