BBM Will Be Included in The Twelve Phones Manufacturers, Channels Come out in Beta

BlackBerry follow movements in the dome, but while we see that they bet strong on its communication service, which has had a positive reception on arrival to Android and iOS devices.

Canadians have reached an agreement with twelve manufacturers to pre-load the BBM application on their new computers, all with operating system Android. This does not mean anything about the free version which you can download.

Reviewing the list of manufacturers see that we caught close, neither us nor the Americans, since most operate in Asia or Africa: Be, Brightstar, Celkon, EVERCOSS, IMO, Micromax, myth, Snexian, Spice, techno, TiPhone, and Zen.

Markets such as India, Indonesia and Latin America, where it seems that have clearer they can get followers already wearing BBM on a BlackBerry, but that with BlackBerry 10 disaster, they are leaving the platform.

BBM channels come out in beta

BBM channels are already present in BlackBerry 5 or higher, and they are a kind of social feed by theme, inform us that you have just been in beta, available with single update BBM.

BlackBerry describes them as a forum for discussions between people, brands and communities, and they will also iOS and Android later. To get a better idea of what it is, I leave you with a video:

Still do not know anything about the second important phase of the service, which will be the possibility to use BlackBerry Voice & Video – we assume that after the channels – users of Google and Apple platforms, already present in BlackBerry 10.