Bellaoggi: Italian Brand of Makeup!

Hello my loves! I was very excited about the idea of making this post for you, because today I will throb on a brand of makeup that I am “in love”: the BELLAOGGI! This line came from Italy and makes the most success there, was recently brought to Brazil by the Hinode Cosmetics. The Bellaoggi is produced by Eurostyle, same company that provides the active ingredients for products from MAC and Lancome. A breath, huh?

In this post I show a little bit of what I’m already using and loving the lipsticks Seduzione line (which is the matte line) and Passione line (which has the tip and the shiny effect), the shadows that are super pigmented and has beautiful tones, a sparkles I adorooo and use as blush to fine tune the face. In addition, use the liquid lipsticks that have an incredible attachment, ideal for those who have life race, because you don’t need to be retouched, it lasts the whole day! Another wonderful line is glazes, who has a great coverage and treat your nails are keratin-based. I’m so in love that I’ve been wearing them and my nails never broke, people!

For those who love a make, like me, this novelty in Brazil is sure bet! The products are of the highest quality, the packaging is beautiful and super sturdy and the price is very fair. The makeup of the Bellaoggi Italy are resold in Brazil exclusively by Hinode (click ask4beauty), then just contact a reseller you get easy, easy! Ah who wants tips on who sells or wants to be a distributor of this brand here in Brazil just send me an email to [email protected] that step further information.

Enjoy it