Better Performance and Less Changes Aesthetic in Android M, According to The Latest Rumors

Within a couple of days we will know all about the new version of Android M, We have already made a few predictions about what we expect, but said this, it is inevitable that days before begin to emerge details. We know that internally it is known as a Macadamia Nut Cookie and a latest rumor speaks of something still more interesting.

According to anonymous sources collected by Android Police, are reliable but take it with tweezers, everything points to the new version of Android will be more focused on issues of performance and optimization that cosmetic changes. It may seem like a no-brainer that a version to another is (at best) changes of performance but It seems that in Android M will take things more seriously.

Improving the performance of Android

The main changes of M will find them in the RAM and battery management. The battery in particular will be the center of everything and be optimized the system to pay much better and does not consume much battery. The sources explained that to achieve this will be managed better RAM, background processes and applications that need to access our location as well as everything related to wakelock and applications that need to wake up to the terminal when it is off screen.

These improvements would be extended to Google Play Services, an application that as we saw days ago consumed enough battery. All sounds good but remains to be seen, first, be real and, second, to be really effective. With Project Volta in Lollipop Google promised an increase in performance in very large battery and the reality has been quite different. We will see what happens.

The other great news is that Android M will come in the form of developer preview as Android L in its day. If Android Police sources are correct, we will have a final version in August and, before it, how many previous versions that we can try on devices that are compatible. Then, from there to the version that is distributed to the rest of mobile and tablets can take a long time.

If we eliminate the obvious that each version of an operating system should be better than the previous one, hope that this time everything related to performance and autonomy involves a leap. In terms of design, Material Design head, wouldn’t make much sense making cosmetic changes. The interface works very well, like everyone, and barely has been able to be given time to grow, still.