Biking, Indoor, Spinning Cycle… Different Names, A Single Exercise

Biking, Indoor, Spinning Cycle… Different Names, A Single Exercise

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In our first post we will try a sports practice that most of fashion have been in recent years.

Biking, Indoor, Spinning Cycle… Different Names, A Single Exercise

‘Biking’,’indoor cycle’,’fitbike’,’spin bike’,’body bike’,’spinning’… We know it by different names and it is one of physical exercise that most have sprung up in the gyms.

Why Do Both The ‘Biking’?

Because it is a physical exercise that helps improve cardio-respiratory condition of those who practice it. Among other benefits, develops resistance on the exercise, improves blood circulation, helps control our weight, prevent cardiovascular diseases… And why not say, is one of the most effective exercises to tone legs, buttocks, calves, biceps, triceps and abdomen… Perfect for people with problems of cellulite.

Leaving aside the other physical activities related to gyms, such as bodybuilding or collective classes, ‘Biking‘ allows you to mold our figure, improves concentration and coordination capacity by reducing our stress level, providing a great deal of energy and well-being.

In each session ‘Biking’ (ranging between 45 minutes and an hour), they can burn between 500 and 900 calories, and thanks to the constant sweating on exercise does to remove toxins form continues.

Tricks To Practice ‘Biking’ In A Healthy Way And To Prevent Injuries

Yes, it is not impossible that this physical activity can cause injury. So you suggest some tips for pedaling efficiency and not let yourselves be the health in an attempt to.

Who Can Practice ‘Biking’?

This exercise does not understand of distinctions, neither age nor sex. He is a low impact exercise, and even if it is a class always directed the possibility each fits the activity to its capabilities. While it is true that who have problems in the joints or arthritis may not practise jogging or running, without a doubt and without submitting to any risk, they may add to the ‘Biking’ practice. Thus, this activity, as well as fun, is ‘Suitable for all audiences’.

And What To Wear To Practice ‘Biking’?

It is true that this activity is one that more technicality and materials required, since there is that the practitioner needs to wear a basic clothing.

Attachments that are essential to practice this discipline are more known as automatic (or ‘Biking’ shoes ) and the bib. Else is secondary, although we must not forget our indispensable ally against dehydration: the pail of water, which will help us to recover during and after exercise.

Therefore, it is very important to attend a session of ‘Biking’ with a shoe and a set according to this activity.

‘Biking’ shoes. Next to the hips and hands, feet form the third basic point of support when we are cycling. For this reason, we must use chord footwear, allowing free movement of the ankle, the sole is stiff enough and does not warp when it comes to pedalling, making movement is energetic and effective.

Use ‘Biking’ sneakers is important, since the foot is the main point of thrust and traction, and thanks to the automatic coves are embedded to the spinning bike pedal allows that the force exerted on the pedaling is adequate and there are no overloads or injury.

The foot must be correctly placed on the pedal with the metatarsal pressing and exert direct force on the axis of the center of the pedal, if we do not make this movement, will suffer a clear risk of injury, since it would not be appropriate pedaling with arch support planting or with the tip of the foot, even pedaling with a rotation in the foot implying that our tibia is misdirected and that supporting the foot on the pedal will distort the pedaling.

Thus, we recommend ‘Biking’ practitioners to use proper footwear for this discipline, put that many inconveniences suffered by many people, like sore feet and knees, numbness or numbness in the feet, is not but by a bad foot or support the use of a shoe with excess of flexibility.

It turns out that this shoe is the same used in cycling, so it is not very hard to find. Even so, is increasingly more frequent to find specific slippers for the practice of the ‘Biking’, with a more breathable fabric.

Bib. Possibly the least stylish sports garment in the world, but the second most important when practicing ‘Biking’. It is a mesh which have a quilted in the area of the perineum, which precisely coincides with the area that is constantly in contact with the saddle of the bike.

The bib gives comfort and helps prevent scratches, very common in people who are not very accustomed to riding a bike.Padding the bib can be made of three materials: cotton, lycra or gel. These last two are the ones who provide more comfort.

It should be noted that when you use a special ‘Biking’ short , should be used without undergarments since the seams cause discomfort and the padding is designed so that they do not cause discomfort. If you decide to use a short ‘Biking’, try to be more elastic and is as tight as possible, so that no jamming on the saddle when making movements and give you the freedom of movement necessary to enjoy the class.

It is also important to highlight other accessories that complement our clothing, such as a towel, some mittens, a good breathable t-shirt or a coded heart rate monitor.

Towel and accessories for sweat. It is advisable to always carry a small towel to dry the sweat while we practice this activity.It is not over emphasize that there are other accessories that can be comfortable to prevent sweat from being inconvenient for our exercise, such as head and wrist bands in addition to the towel.

Mittens. They are not essential, but if they serve as aid in the support of hands on the position of the bike climbing. Specific gloves have padded palm and frees the hand of pain and scratches that can be formed during the class, also collected the sweat and prevent possible slip with the handlebar. They can also used in body-building exercises with machines and accessories.

T-shirt. This choice is ‘a taste of the consumer’. It is recommended to be light, adjusted and, above all, breathable. The latter is important to emphasize that in the practice of the ‘Biking’ sweating is constant, and the breathability of the garment is essential to be comfortable and to have freedom of movement.

Coded heart rate monitor. This device is very useful if you do a scheduled workout, if you want to work directly with your heart rate, if you prefer to give more strength to the activity or you are interested in knowing the calorie consumption that is exercising your body with the practice of the ‘Biking’. It is important that the heart rate monitor has a coded signal, so will avoid interference with other colleagues who are also using this accessory in your training.

I Have No Idea Of How Choosing A Shoe For ‘Biking’, How Do Do It?

You should always choose a shoes velcro or snap. Never cords, since not only not better securing the foot, but you can run the risk of getting caught up in any part of the bike. Ultimately, the cords tend to be a potential danger in the practice of the ‘Biking’.

As discussed above, the sole should be rigid to help transmit better your pedalling power to the wheel’s inertia, and so we can avoid common pain planting at the end of class.

Which size should I choose? ‘Biking’ footwear must be fair, but loosely, since the tire is usually a little swollen feet because of the increase in body temperature. Either it should be too loose, because scratches may occur.

‘Biking’ sneakers are generally synthetic materials, this means that they will never be yes or conform to our feet as the skin.Moreover, you should never buy a shoe of this type thinking that using it snaps on our foot, more than anything because that will never happen. If it hurts at first, will harm always.

Another very important aspect when choosing a good shoe for this practice is the correct location of the Cove (which will hook to the bicycle pedal). This attachment must be exactly under the ball of the metatarsal plant and the tip of the cleat must be pointing towards the center of the tip of the shoe (the sole always implies).

If you are looking for a more accurate fit, there is service from Fitting service at specialty stores, where come from a most appropriate setting of cala, studying the morphology of the body and the way of pedalling.

How Much ‘Biking’ ? Have To Practise To Perceive Its Benefits?

The amount is linked to the objective that we have set for ourselves. But as a general rule, as the ‘Biking’ classes are very intense a maximum of 3 days of training of this level of intensity is recommended by one of rest.

A good training of ‘Biking’ to quickly perceive its benefits could be between 3 and 4 classes a week, depending on the physical condition of each and the intensity of training that you want to do.

It is important to know that it is not advisable to stay more than one hour on top of the spinning bike, even if it is also good to know that with less than 30 minutes of practice of ‘Biking’ training is not effective. For this reason, the most effective is sessions between 40 and 50 minutes, which are usually divided into 5-minute warm-up, 40 minutes of intense exercise and 5 minutes of stretching.

And if I want to continue with further training after practicing ‘Biking’?

Probably is the case of many practitioners. That is why, in addition to the must-haves for this activity (‘Biking’ shoes, bib, t-shirt…) we recommend that you carry in your sports bag an extra t-shirt, change socks and other sports to change you and continue with your training. As accessories we recommend that you carry some mittens, for body-building exercises; sweat towel; drum of hydration and scented to put on your ‘Biking’ shoes, deodorant balls so will increase the duration of your shoes and don’t you have uncomfortable odors in your sports bag.

Now that you know all the intricacies of the ‘Biking’, what are you waiting to start rolling?