BlackBerry Back to What Best Can Do: Smartphones with Physical Keyboard for The Enterprise

BlackBerry, John Chen, CEO is trying to turn the complicated situation that is going through the manufacturer, in a recent interview with Reuters unveiled one of the keys to its commitment for the next 18 months: “the approach will be very focused on the keyboard”.

Or what is the same: BlackBerry will again try to shine with mobile devices that the physical keyboard is one of the differential characteristics. A singular idea in a market that seems to have forgotten the success that had these solutions, especially in the enterprise market.
The plan Chen – who was already ahead in January – will seek to provide the return to a more traditional view against devices like the Z10, which arose last year and that despite offering a new operating system much more in keeping with the times, not gelled in the markets.

In fact, the data reveal precisely that curious success of terminals BlackBerry from previous batches. The results presented by the company indicates that 3.4 million smartphones were sold in the last quarter, of which 2.3 were BlackBerry 7 based smartphones.

BBM will come also to the desktop

Long time BlackBerry realized that the battle of messaging could not focus on his platform. Although it probably arrived rather late, BBM for Android and iOS release marked an important step for the company, which now he wants to address other scenarios.

In fact, Chen confirmed that one of the key steps in their agenda was the carry your BlackBerry Messenger platform not only to other operating systems mobile – Windows Phone and the Nokia X based on the fork of Android will be the next – but also to operating systems for desktop PCs and laptops.

Chen, with a good reputation after being responsible for the recovery of Sybase, still faces a particularly complex challenge for the great competitiveness of the mobile segment. And even so, it may be that back to the roots end up having sense… again.