BlackBerry Gate Their Conference Results and T-Mobile Takes Your Devices for Stores

BlackBerry has canceled the Conference which would be presented for its second quarter financial results, and that was to take place tomorrow. We had forecast, and the cause has to do with the intention of purchase – 4,700 million dollars – by Fairfax Financial Holdings.

The figures will share equally in a statement the coming week. What we know is that everything has gone well below – 50% less – expectations, which were not to throw rockets. Losses in the period are about 1,000 million dollars.

The main cause, BlackBerry Z10, and the new platform that premiered. And who will pay in the first instance are the workers, leaving 4,500 of them from the Canadian company. The old RIM tells us that it will focus on the corporate and professional markets while studying the offer to purchase.

T-Mobile brings BlackBerry of the catalogue

After all the maelstrom being assembled in BlackBerry, they begin to reach decisions of strategic partners such as the operator T-Mobile, It has announced that it will stop selling BlackBerry phones in their stores. It is considered that they are not interesting to the public.

Regarding one of their lifejackets, BlackBerry Messenger, still do not have information on the relaunch. On the positive side, we than in the BlackBerry Jam Asia, they are showing a version of BBM Windows desktop.