BlackBerry Is Willing to Put an End to Leaks: «The Responsible Will Be Punished»

John Chen, the Chief Executive of BlackBerry, has been very forceful in his company blog to ensure today that is not prepared to tolerate more leaks. Something «fat» should be in the oven this company when its Chief decides to give face so emphatically.

The funny thing is that this has happened just two days after that they began to bloom the rumors that predict how will be BlackBerry OS 10.3. Although, in reality, they are more to rumors. If you take a look at the post we published yesterday find that it is of a full-fledged filtration, that, moreover, it is illustrated with abundant screenshots.

In any case, Chen has assured that BlackBerry will take legal action against anyone who revealed confidential information about the products that your company is preparing. However, it has also acknowledged that, on the other hand, leaks reflect a genuine interest of some users by what your company is doing. It is clear that this is so, but the problem is how to delimit the fine line that separates the simple curiosity of other interests.

With this Declaration of intent, BlackBerry goes into the same path already travelled some competitors recently, such as Sony and HTC. This last company, in fact, has taken legal action against a young man who published a few days ago an analysis in video of their new One (M8). What I wonder is how this guy got done with the smartphone much until it was officially presented.