BlackBerry Ontario, New Developing High-End Smartphone

A device with the internal name”Ontario”it has been discovered in the benchmark database Geekbench. It’s a phone, and is signed by the Canadian BlackBerry, that as he had planned, will continue brewing terminals.

Interesting thing is not know their existence, but some of the features that can be removed from the database, which would tell her story with a next-generation hardware, and could be the model that BlackBerry prepare for the North American market.

We call it high-end with reason, as there is within a 800 Snapdragon, Qualcomm last hardware in the market – will soon be the 805-, that leading manufacturers raffle. The information speaks of four cores running at 2, 15 GHz, and any BlackBerry terminal had counted with that configuration until the date.

Other data that come in the form of specifications are your 2GB of RAM or BlackBerry OS version. Or a detail on the screen, or possibility that have physical keyboard, and is the CEO, John Chen, said that they will return to their origins, giving priority to terminals with QWERTY keyboard.

We remind you also have in developing other lower ranges for emerging markets, such as Indonesia. Is known of one with internal “Jakarta” name, which is being created by Foxconn, company with which have concerted create products over the next five years.