BlackBerry Recognizes That It Loses Ground in Emerging Markets

At this point in the film don’t have to remember which BlackBerry It is going through the worst moment in its history, with an offer of purchase on the table, and in fall free in the different markets where it operates.

The Canadian company has a number of markets where support, especially in areas considered to be emerging. Preview of the own BlackBerry that they admit that they are losing market share in them, it sounds pretty bad.

So, competition, lower prices and Android OS smartphones, they are giving the thrust to BlackBerry in emerging markets. Its terminals are not so attractive in Asia, Africa or Latin America.

The second reason that is applications, since they consider that the lack of them also makes them to be uncompetitive. New Android is the form of access to a giant catalogue without prices so high that Apple seeks for terminal.

Talking about figures for its second quarter, in Europe, Middle East and Africa, economic turnover dropped from 1,100 to 686 million dollars. In Latin America it has fallen from 324 to 196 million dollars. In Asia-Pacific region fall from 386 to 277 million dollars.

The last territory where they seem to show strong market shares is the African continent, where remains the dominant platform, but the penetration of Android is also inevitable. It does not seem that there is a plan B by BlackBerry.