BlackBerry Retains Its Head of Development Software and Delayed Their March to Apple

Sebastian Marineau-Mes wants to go BlackBerry. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the until now head of the Canadian company software development It has been signed by Apple to lead the group that works in the kernel of the operating system for mobile devices from Apple company.

The Exchange of personnel highly qualified among the big technology companies it is frequent, but not usually a signing give much to talk about as the Marineau-Mes. The origin of the conflict lies in a clause that appears in the contract that binds this steering with BlackBerry, and that keeps him tied to the company until the end of June 2014.

Given this scenario, it is inevitable to think that this engineer It must play an important role the company he works even when you don’t want to let it escape easily to one of its most direct competitors. Its origin can give us some clues. Marineau-Mes worked at QNX Software, the company that was absorbed by BlackBerry in 2010 to incorporate into their products operating system in real time QNX.

The former Executive has alleged that this clause is part of a range of promotion inside BlackBerry which finally has had no effect, and that, with the arrival last October of John Chen, the new Chief Executive of BlackBerry, has lost validity. But his current company has defended putting on the table the number of people who are in charge of Marineau-Mes, and its strategic relevance within the company.

Finally, an Ontario Court has given reason to BlackBerry, forcing the new signing of the signing of the Apple to follow related to the Canadian company until the month of June. Aside from the details of this affair, interesting thing is that it is clear that tempers inside BlackBerry are somehow “heated”. In addition, this conflict is added to the statement that John Chen did yesterday on the blog of your company ensuring it will take legal action against those responsible for leaks. Apple, meanwhile, continues to own.