BlackBerry, to Their Clients: “You Can Continue to Count on Us”

They’re not being good times for BlackBerry. The company, on sale officially since few weeks ago, still has difficulties finding a buyer and the only offer firm, Fairfax, could not materialize. For this reason that since some sources point to the possibility of a sale by divisions, something that could end up permanently with the company as we know it.

However, since BlackBerry have sought transmit a message of tranquility. During the day, and in more than 30 media worldwide, you will publish a letter from the Canadian company directed its distributors and customers. You can see its content then, but the message is clear: “You can continue to count on BlackBerry”.

Letter from BlackBerry to customers, partners and fans:

Keys to your content

The Charter speak of “make changes necessary to strengthen BlackBerry and difficult” and They recognize to be going hard times with many challenges, but also remember their strengths. According to the letter, they are the best in productivity (with BB10), security, integration with the company (with the BYOD philosophy) and social communications (BBM).

“Yes, there is much competition and we know that BlackBerry is not for everyone. We understand it”, they say, but they seem to be convinced that the company will come out of this and they want to pass it on to customers and fans of the brand (or, at least, want to appear so). However, with all the news that we are listening to lately not going to be easy. CrackBerry, a BlackBerry fan web site, a user defines it perfectly: “we love BlackBerry, but simply already don’t trust on it”.