BlackBerry Us Gives Explanations on BBM and We Forward That He Will Not Return This Week

The weekend we told you how was the BBM app for iPhone and Android, hoping that in a few hours it was available for all, but it was not so, staying in a small deployment by Asia-Pacific in the case of Apple’s phone, and when it comes to Android, even it became available.

I have been updating with official information, but the truth is that there has been little to say, since we can not say that BlackBerry has been too transparent with the problem occurred. We understand that the cause of all the Android application that has been circulating has had it before its official launch.

Today they apologize for the situation, and drop us the solution will be just around the corner, in fact they do not expect that the coming week may be available in Google Play both Apple Store. Right now I can not give a specific date.

Returning to the problem, tell us that the volume of traffic generated by the application Android filtered – a version prior to the final – has resulted in a very high workload for servers, which were not prepared, accompanied by strange runs. They were the main problem in that there was no way to block these users, which is necessary before the official deployment.

The positive that the company and followers can be drawn from this fact is that the BBM brand is quite alive, and it has generated one greater than expected interest. Counting officers of iOS which was discharged, and the unofficial Android, they totaled more than 1.1 million active users.