BlackBerry Will Dismiss 4,500 Employees and Will Focus on The Professional Market

BlackBerry He has published preliminary financial results for its second fiscal quarter, and the reality is that 50% are terrible for the interests of the Canadian company, with revenues below expectations. Losses in the period are about 1,000 million dollars, the main cause is the disaster that has led to the launch of BlackBerry Z10, and the accumulated stock without selling.

In regards to sales, have been only 3.7 million smartphones, most – market BlackBerry 7 – previous-generation. Clearly BlackBerry 10 has not been necessary to hold the market share that had shock, and as we all know, Windows Phone happened long in recent months.

The measures that will be taken are drastic, laying off 4,500 employees and reducing expenses by 50% by 2015. A healthier future of the company may have to do with the creation of software and services, leaving aside the manufacture of telephones.

So soon it will take from six to four terminals in the market (two high and two input). In the mouth of Thorsten Heins, announce that they will focus on the corporate and professional markets since among consumers have not been able to scratch ball with the current bet, BlackBerry 10.

Reviewing the latest movements of the company, we have that tomorrow there will be official launch of BlackBerry Messenger on Android to iPhone, and this week we have presented the latest phone from the House, the BlackBerry Z30.