Blackphone Finally Opens The Market

Since in the past, Mobile World Congress, we could prove it, the Blackphone had always held in a flat second discrete, silence that only broke in April to announce the change of his heart hardware to a Nvidia Tegra 4i.

Long ago that we were hoping the arrival of the bet by the security and privacy of SGP Technologies SA – joint-venture formed by the Spanish Geeksphone and Silent Circle-, but it was not until today when finally announced the beginning of the distribution of the first Blackphone.

To make memory, remember that we we have a terminal that uses a Android-based operating system called PrivatOS, software designed specifically to safeguard our data and our privacy when it comes to connecting to the Internet with the smartphone, as well as integrating services as a private and encrypted cloud storage.

Your hardware is high end, with an IPS screen 4.7 inches and HD resolution 720 p, chipset Nvidia Tegra 4i 2 GHz with modem 4 G LTE, memory RAM of 2 GB, internal storage of 16 GB and 5 to 8 megapixel cameras.

The Blackphone is now sold out for purchase, and it is only sent in order according to the list of reservations. If you have not reserved it and want to get one, you is not no choice but to wait for the day on July 14th, date in which sales of the device will be opened again priced at $629, more than 450 euros to change.