Blue Dot Pants-Uncomplicated, Casual

Since this week I know again why I like my blue dots so much, but not only do I know. No, I also know again why it is not easy in 2016 to be a working mother of two school-age children.

Although all kinds of talks are talked about and it is written that today is no different. Because of the pension and because of the gross social product and it is financially necessary in many families. There are also places reserved for the nursery (ie, unless you live in Munich, then such a place, like a six with additional number and you should be better already at the conception for such a job) and from the 3rd year of life Then the kindergarten responsible for the care (except one lives in Munich…. Etcpp.) Only to the school, there they may then all…

But at the beginning, of course, only until half past twelve-unless you are lucky enough to get one of the coveted day-trips, because a follow-up service is either not offered at all, and then there are three applications in Munich. This is only true for the elementary school age… After that everything goes back to the beginning and the stress from the front… We had the great luck to get a place in the whole day class for our daughter-ie. Actually, she was lucky-after all, she had to submit to a “job interview”, which she then passed thanks to God.

Full-Day Concept

The whole day concept convinces me at schools and I believe that it should be further developed in the future. I have the feeling that there is more space and time for playful learning within a whole-day class network… it can also be that the lessons are moved to the outside or soon a different subject than the planned one is taught.Of course, this has also disadvantages… since we have decided for a tied all-day class, it means really all year round almost daily from 8 to 16 clock. No matter whether a birthday or important medical appointments are due.

In The End Everything Is Different

Besides, it’s summer and it’s going to the end of school year… then suddenly everything is different. Then our child comes home at 1 pm, yesterday at 11:10 am and on Friday at 9:20 am at home. Which job is still to be meaningfully possible-I ask myself seriously and we are lucky, we bear this spontaneous deadline for the second. I can not imagine how single-parenting parents can arrange with such a thing.

Expectations Of The Summer

And understand me correctly, I know this feeling at the school year end. All are looking forward to the holidays-finally six weeks free.Do not have to get up… no breadboxes.. The spint is emptied and the things dragged home. Finally, do not grind a fat satchel daily from A to B. The air is full of expectations you have of the summer and really, I understand the kids totally. I can still remember my own schooldays. Since the holidays were the best thing about the whole school… O:-) But-why make the week before the holidays already half a vacation? Halloooo-is it still? It is already about 70 Ferientage, which one as a father and / or mother must bridge.

Neeee, As Far As I Am Not Yet

I had the glorious idea to inform my boss that I can not work all day in the week before my holiday unfortunately, because I am looking forward to the free time and absolutely at home to clean up and my bags. I am very curious about his reaction…. O:-) And yes, you could say, a child can stay at home from the fifth grade alone. But all day long? Somehow I’m not there yet so far… and until I am so far, my daughter is in puberty and it is my experience is not at all good, if the kids have so much “free” time. Oh menno genuine, if the times before someone had said… O 🙂

Blue Dot Pants-Uncomplicated And Casual

And while I’m now feverishly on my strategy of the pre-holiday week and how I best sell my boss (tips are taken gladly), I’ll show you the favorite outfit of the week … so my favorite outfit. It is blue and light blue, sleeveless, uncomplicated and casual and just right for a not so hot summer day and for that my blue dot pants is just perfect based on FANCIESTPANTS. Now and then I enjoy my unhappy, free Friday and I wish you can do exactly the same. Happy friday loved all…