Bronze Powder: Expert Tips Braungpudert

Bronze or sun powder conjures the perfect tan in the face or on the body. Our expert gives you tips on how to do it right.

In 1984, Guerlain Terracotta, the first sunpunk, developed 25 years later on the ladder table every 25 seconds. Olivier Echaudemaison, artistic director at Guerlain, knows perfectly well about the perfect tan from the powder can – with he talked about his favorites and about how to use them.
Here at ehuacom comes the question , what do you have to look out for when applying bronze powder?
Two tones are enough, four are a mistake. You really should not proclaim!
Are there different colors? How to find the perfect tone for your skin?
At Guerlain we have six classic terracotta tones, three different mineral tones, three terracotta light tones (depending on the hair color) and two “4 Seasons” powders, which again contain four tones. So you can make no mistakes!
In which areas are powders deposited?
The face is always the most important:you can apply bronzepuder on the cheeks, forehead and chin. At the neckline Bronzepuder can work wonders, as well as on the round shoulder bone. On the arms and legs you should use a liquid texture such as Teint d’Ailleurs.
Can Bronzepuder be mixed with Rouge and how?
Naturally ! Bronzepuder is for everywhere, Rouge is only for the cheeks. Choose a tone in pink or coral.
Does Bronzepuder also fit in winter?
In winter time is a pale, sophisticated makeup. But if you like the natural look in the outdoor style, Terracotta 4 Seasons is the answer!

What inspired you to the Guerlain Terracotta Collection 2010?
We travel to paradise spots for the terracotta collections.Places with blue sky, blue sea and beautiful girl …

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