Carnival in Belo Horizonte Will Have Afrojack, Galantis and Vintage Culture

Sunflower promises a hippie party with the best of electronic music at the BH carnival. Afrojack, Galantis and Vintage Culture are in the lineup of the event that takes place on Sunday (2/26)

The folia in Belo Horizonte will have a day dedicated to the carnival peace and love.The “Sunflower” party will take place on Sunday (February 26), at Mirante Beagá, inspired by the “Summer of Love”, considered the embryo of the hippie movement.Direct from the Netherlands, Afrojack – one of the top 10 DJs in the world – is one of the guests of “Sunflower”, which will also feature the upcoming Swedish duo Galantis, which is performing for the first time in Brazil, and the national phenomenon Vintage Culture.Tickets are now on sale at Sympla and ChilliBeans at Pátio Savassi, Diamond and Minas Shopping.

The “Sunflower” carnival goes beyond good music.The way to dress, to behave, the flag against war, psychedelia and care with human relations are the main aspects of this event that comes to bring joy and not let dissolve this movement of good.The Sunflower will be a celebration for the public to enjoy the best electronic music artists and disseminate this ideal in the middle of the carnival according to Vintageinconfidential.

Afrojack, one of the world’s best packs the “Sunflower”

The biggest attraction of the party, Dj Afrojack, is among DJ Top 10 and Forbes’ top 10 highest paid.Named Nick van der Wall, Afrojack was a boy who made the sound for some parties in Spijkenisse, his hometown, located in western Netherlands.A series of underground releases made him known on the scene, not only as a DJ but as a producer, and in 2011 he saw his name explode around the world with the release of Take Over Control.It was there that the artist and his label, Wall Recordings, were consolidated as creative and versatile, using new tools for the creation of dancing sonorities.

The list of artists produced by Afrojack is not at all modest: between remixes for Pitbull and Madonna, the Dutchman descendant of Surninamenses was also responsible for assisting renowned comrades such as the giant David Guetta, in addition to working for Beyoncé in hit Run the World ).He even received a Grammy for Leona Lewis’s Collide remix.In 2015, Afrojack rose again to the top with Hey Mama, a collaboration with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Bebe Rexha.His name is one of the fastest growing in the international electronic scene today.

Galantis debut in Brazil and mark the party

The Swedish duo Galantis, formed in 2012 by the producers Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, makes its first tour in February in Tupiniquins lands.The duo owns great hits, such as “Runaway” and “No Money”, and has the most recent release the track “Love On Me”, which has the collaboration of Hook N Sling.

One of the most respected duets of electronic music of today, Galantis is always present in the dance floors of the whole world.Since the success of “Runaway (U & I)”, the Swedes always draw attention when releasing anything original (songs, remixes, sets), as was the overflow of “No Money” and is now being tracked “Pillow Fight” , Launched at the end of last year.The music that is already getting more present in the sets of several DJs has just won an official remix of the pair, in partnership with CID, generating a track with a focus on House rather than Pop in its original version.

One of the best DJs in Brazil, Vintage Culture also encourages “Sunflower”

Lukas Ruiz is the name behind Vintage Culture.The project has strong influences of old sonorities, groups like Depeche Mode, New Order, Petshop Boys.His idea is to mix the new with the old one which produces a sound with a unique footprint.Vintage Culture had a rapid rise releasing versions such as New Order’s “Blue Monday” and Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall,” which soon began to viralize on the network along with their versions of Cazuza’s “Bete Balanço” and “Bidolibido” By Fernanda Abreu.

In 2016, he released the EP “Hollywood” on Skol Music’s Ganzá label in partnership with Spinnin Records.Soon after with producer Slowmotion, he released his remix of “Drinkee” for the Sofi Tukker duo released by Ultra Music in 4th place on Beatport’s Dance chart and even after a month of release it remained in the TOP 10 with it.But it was with “Wild Kidz” released by Spinnin Records that Vintage Culture began to gain international recognition.The song entered Spotify’s “Global Viral” and received support from Oliver Heldens, EDX and Sam Feldt.In 2015, Vintage Culture came in 118th on the list of TOP DJs of British magazine DJ MAG.