Carnival is Coming: How about You Smash the Jewels?

Carnival is one of the most anticipated times by the Brazilian people. Synonymous with feast and joy, it makes people want to always demonstrate beauty from the small blocks of street, passing through the great electric trios and even the elegant carnival dances. The important thing is to make the most of it, but that doesn’t mean we need to leave the style on the side.

Why not use this time of year to invest and daring in accessories, creating your visual in a unique way? Logically, to accomplish this, the jewels can’t stay out. Contrary to what many think, they combine (and much) with this festivity. So you were interested? Learn how to raze the jewels in this carnival:

The maximum of Elegance

Who thought Carnival was not the time to get elegant, wronged ugly. For those who will invest in the famous cabins or luxurious dances, you can bet even in the combination of diamonds with the Abadás. You can stylize the garment and create an interesting contrast, drawing attention to everyone by the unique beauty of this stone. If Carnival is shining season, why not do it? In 2012, Jennifer Lopez devastated amazing brilliant rings at the carnival here. Do the same!

Combining with Fantasy

A good way to rock the carnival is combining your fantasy with the jewels. Many samba muses do this and it is not very difficult to hit. This season permits some exaggerations and it’s worth it in time to draw attention. Some prefer necklaces, chokers, rings or flashy earrings. See what color your fantasy is and use what else you like!

Masquerade Ball

One of the most interesting things in Carnival is the masquerade ball. In them, generally, people usually appear extremely elegant: black tie men and women of long dresses, just covering their face with a mask. And how the occasion binds carnival with high style, you can not stop thinking about the jewels. The great balcony is to harmonize the colours sober with sequins and props of precious metals, in addition to beautiful gems. It is worth remembering that gold leaves any production better made and any more elegant look.

For the Discreet

Who says you can’t be subtle at the carnival? If you prefer to be discreet or will enjoy the foliage in places that are not so safe, the hint is to combine only some interesting accessories with fantasy. A good alternative is to invest in a tiara with adornments or also in a studded mask of stones. Longer necklaces, with many laps around the neck, are also champions in preference during the feast.

After reading all these tips, it’s just choosing the look that suits you and depart for the revelry. This is a time where people can dare in the visual, but without leaving aside their preferences and their personal style. Rings, necklaces, headbands, earrings, bracelets and various adornments of this kind make any outfit more beautiful and sure can find a perfect look for you!

How about You rock the jewelry at this carnival? Tell us what your favourite pieces are!