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Tongariro National Park

New Zealand Attractions

Tongariro National Park The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tongariro National Park in the heart of the North Island is a spectacular mountainous area with three active volcanoes, Tongaririo, Ngauruhoe and the 2797 m high Mount...

Australia - Types of Vegetation

Australia – Types of Vegetation

The brush corresponds to the tropical and subtropical forest. It is found in moist, sheltered and rich soils, in the coastal area and in the tables of eastern Australia and reaches its greatest development in Queensland...

Australia Demographics 2000

Australia Demographics 2000

Population State included entirely in the southern hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The population of the Australia it remains very limited in relation to the vast extension of the available...

New Zealand Politics

New Zealand Politics and Law

Unions The umbrella organization for 27 of the more than 40 individual trade unions is the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimahi (NZCTU), which was founded in 1987. Despite some successes...

New Zealand Culture

New Zealand Overview

Geography and demography Capital city: Wellington Area: 268,021 km2 (Denmark 43,000 km2) Population: 4,817 million (2017) Language: English (96.1%), Maori (3.7%), NZ Sign Language (0.5%) Population: 74 pct. European origin, 14.9 per cent. Māori,...