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Pass the door of Sephora/Ricky’s life in the United States is a temptation, but try to avoid a pharmacy that is impossible! Walk through all the aisles looking for news it’s not just tourist program – even I, after living some months in New York, I couldn’t get away from that trip to Duane Reade weekly & cia.

There are so many products, so much nice to view, test, and use, that we were really confused. I’ve done a selection here of my achadinhos a few months ago, but an update was needed and this time only with items of Pharmacy! All the latest Spy products that count gasped – and the best without spending many dollars:

  1. Eye Studio Color Tattoo, Maybelline ($7):the shadows of that line are amazing and leave not due anything to the big brands. Great and very easy to apply, regretted not having bought more colors …
  2. Instant Cuticle Remover, Sally Hansen ($7):living in the United States is suffering from problems of manicure. They do not take the cuticle and the Brazilians are almost a small $ investment inve. Who saved me for a long time was that gelzinho acid, you apply the cuticles, leave for a few seconds and then push. Almost like magic, the cuticle leaves all and until the dweeb in the pliers as I can get the rest. No longer live without!
  3. EOS Organic Lip, EOS ($3):I love Lip Balms (even if they forget several played in the bag without using …) and this is an alternative more attractive and as efficient as the Carmex, I also love passion according to OPELIKAFASHION.COM.
  4. Continuous Control Acne Cleanser, Clean & Clear ($6):summer heat and some hormonal changes caused me an outbreak of pimples a few months ago. SOS! What to do? I ran the Pharmacy and I was reading a lot of products that promised disappear with this state of calamity that was in my face. I went out with this cream of Clean & Clear in the bag and my choice was super hit. After cleaning the face with SOAP or makeup remover, spread it wet even at all (in the eyes) and do massage with your fingers for 30 seconds. Then just rinse and feel the effects throughout the day, which left my skin waaaay less oily. Used twice a day at that time tense and once now routine every day even.

5.3 Minute Miracle, the Aussie ($4):after spending dollars in Bed Head and John Frieda, was that mark Roadster that addicted. The hair is beautiful, soft, fragrant, all good! My favorite is the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner in a measly minutes, retrieves the wires with a lot of dignity. Try to use once a week, alternating with other conditioners.

  1. Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleaning System, the Olay ($25):If you don’t have a Clarisonic, hunting with Olay. Lol! The cornflower is the baratex version of the famous product of the Clarisonic, which costs 250 Obamas at Sephora, and get along well, see? Is great to clean the face, remove the dead cell and do a daily mini-esfoliação.
  2. Instant Age Rewind The Eraser, Maybelline ($11):My. God. That good base! I was looking for some to use in daily life (I got tired of my Face & Body of M.A.C.-let the face with very bright!) and found myself with this. The Eraser has this sponge in which is accumulated the product after turning down and step on the entire face for later spread with your hands or with a brush. At this point you already look as she leaves a texture very hot on the skin, and satin with a healthy glow. Or dust step to end! And that price Shorty only helps to love and want to make stock.
  3. Salon Series Dryer, ConAir ($14):looks like you can’t even imagine that this tiny and portable dryer (it is still foldable!) is one of the most powerful I have ever used. Gave a ball in the big one ‘professional’ I had at home! Super powerful wind, hot and cold air to switch … anything else?

One last tip:prices change of pharmacy pharmacy, and the cheapest places I found until today to make this kind of purchase was at Rite Aid, Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Enjoy and then tell me if also liked some of my darlings!


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