Cisco, SAP and Google, in Negotiations with BlackBerry According to Reuters

A few days ago, Fairfax Financial confirmed an offer of 4,700 million dollars by BlackBerry, but as it is detailed in the terms of the agreement, the Canadian company had freedom to continue to negotiate with other potential buyers until November 4. If by then they did not find a better offer, the Fairfax would be final. If, on the other hand, someone improving this sum, BlackBerry could accept it and would have to pay a penalty to Fairfax.

As well, according to Reuters citing sources close to the company, it seems BlackBerry is in preliminary negotiations with other powerful companies, as Cisco, Google or SAP, for the possible sale of your company or of several of its divisions separately. By now there would have been no final offer, and it is unclear if any of these companies will come up to that point, but since Reuters ensures various parts are both interested in patents as secure BlackBerry servers.

But these are not the only companies could be valued the purchase BlackBerry. Also has offered to Intel, LG and Samsung, in principle it would confirm their interest (or lack of it) of the coming week. Other companies and outside the technology sector investment funds have called for more information before seriously studying a possible purchase. In short: If we thought that the purchase of BlackBerry was closed, we were wrong. As well either in its entirety or parts, seems that there could be more interested parties that we thought.