Colombian Jeans Myth or Reality?

By Ana Sofía | What with what

Finding jeans that fit your body perfectly is a titanic task, the most common problem among Mexican women … Curves!

I almost dare to say that there are very few clothing manufacturers who think about the different body types, for example, the jeans of the most international Spanish clothing chains and that we all know, are made with patterns of European bodies, where the women are much taller than us, and without so many curves, so do not be scared when some pants do not fit, they are not always your “extra kilos”.

Visiting Intermoda I found innumerable publicity of Colombian jeans that promise miracles, some of the models were even too exaggerated, so I called my friend Karina and joined the adventure of testing if the jeans are miraculous or the miracles were courtesy of the surgeons.

We went to a shopping center whose name alludes to “big”, there are two stores that gave me propaganda in Intermoda, and we entered the first store (second floor in front of the pet store) the jeans did not look anything special , that if there were many models so we decided to try several, but no, there is no miracle with those, in fact I had the same problem as always, my size is a little big waist and in a smaller girl if I can enter I look like sausage and Karina the same! (our body types are very different)

The second store one with a Colombian flag and some very nice girls oh yeah, the miracle happened, if they work and also are a little above the hip so we avoided the “little lifeguard” that should be careful with the model that choose because they may look a bit grotesque (they do not have stuffing, it’s just the cut that makes the “magic”) in fact if you are the privileged and you have a presumed“derrière” it is almost better not to “overdo it”. The only thing that they have these jeans is that they have too many embellishments so if you decide for some, treat them to be very simple or plan to combine them with a top without any adornment or else you run the risk of seeing very “bling bling”.

Finally here are some tips to choose the best jeans:

If you are of short stature or have short legs avoid the capris.

If you have broad shoulders / back slightly flared jeans will balance you.

If you have a few pounds more better avoid the skinny at all costs.

You do not have pompis and you are not convinced the Colombians, look for some with small bags and with volume in the back.

Straight cut jeans will make your legs longer and stylize your figure.

Do you have no idea what kind of body you have? What with What helps you, contact us and remember that it is not what you wear but how you carry it.