Counteract The Effects Of Gravity: How To Avoid A Fallen Chest

One of the questions that most girls ask me is what we can do to keep the breast firm and fit, and is that over the years and the effect of gravity there are certain parts of our body that are no longer what Were…

Today I explain what kind of exercises we should do to put the chest “in place” and how to take care of it daily.

The chest is one of the most delicate areas of the female body, but also one of the most colorful if we know how to take care of it properly. If you want to show neckline this spring-summer, it is best to get to work from now. Let’s see how to get a firm and toned breast.

Special Features Of The Female Chest

The female chest consists of muscular (as well as male) tissue and the breast containing, among others, fatty tissue and connective tissue. Anatomically, the breasts are on the pectoralis major.

The breasts are not identical: usually the left is usually a little larger than the right. In addition, they suffer constant changes in size, either due to the different stages of our life (puberty, pregnancy and lactation) or other external factors, such as sudden weight changes.

How To Work The Chest In The Gym?

First of all, to clarify that when we train the chest in the gym, what we are working is the muscular tissue that is in that zone. It may seem very obvious, but it would not be the first time I hear some girl asking me if she can tighten her breasts with exercise: breasts are in 90% adipose tissue, and fat does not harden with exercise . Away myths, please.

What we can do is train the muscles that are below our breasts and act as natural support for them. For this you can choose to work with barbell or dumbbells (chest press, openings) or with machines (butterfly, horizontal press).

Or If You Prefer To Train At Home …

There are simple exercises that we can do in our own home to work the chest muscles: placing our hands facing our chest and pushing one hand against the other (this exercise can be done with a ball in the hands), or put The hands on the head against each other and try to move the pecs.

The exercises with your own body weight are also very beneficial: a good idea is todo pushups. If you are new, you can begin by making them on the wall, then move them to the ground on the palms of the hands and knees, and finally on the palms of the hands and the tips of the feet. Go forward as you gain strength and you will see results in a short time.

Eye When Choosing The Fasteners

If you want to boast a firm and toned chest, the choice of bra is very important based on On newspaper fasteners, you must ensure that they are of your size: this is important, since there are many people who by complex or by ignorance are mistaken with their bra size. Remember that the number corresponds to the size of back contour, and the letter to the size of the breast.

When you do sport it is advisable to invest in a good sports bra that provides us with support and comfort. Currently many brands are bringing to the market t-shirts with bra incorporated and with beautiful designs and current: a good solution for the more flirty.

Daily Hydration

In addition, to show off a good cleavage we can not forget the hydration of this area: use a good moisturizer and perform a small massage daily to keep the skin of the chest area in perfect condition. The showers combining hot and cold water are also perfect for improving the circulation of this part of the body.