Cuddly, Casual Or Exclusive – This Is Your Favorite Sweater About You

The sweater is simply part of the transitional period, because although it can be pleasant during the day, the temperature drops rapidly as soon as the sun is gone.But in no case is sweaters in this case sweaters – while some still prefer the thick woolen sweater, others decide long ago for the summer variant from airy fine knit.However, the choice depends not only on the individual feeling of warmth, but also on the character of the wearer as you think.We have taken a closer look at a few types of pullovers and have come to some insight.

Cuddly Troyer

Troyers are classic slippers with a roll collar that can be worn open or closed with buttons or zippers. So you can not care if the thermometer shows 1 degree or 20 degrees below zero and whether it is storming outside and snowing, because you know that you are prepared. With a cuddly stricktroyer like this, wind and weather can hardly hurt you, and when you get tough, you can just push the collar up to the top. Fashionable details play only a secondary role, because you are more important that you are armed for all weather-related eventualities. You enjoy being outside – even at night. That’s why you decide on fashion for bright colors, with which you are good to see.

Navy Pullover

The blue-and-white striped pullover from leichtem Sommerstrick is your favorite?Then you are the maritime type, whose heart beats for sun, beach and sea.In the summer, you are most likely to be on a sailboat or at least near the harbor, while you are dreaming in winter of your last holiday by the sea.A sweater is not a practical piece of clothing for you, but a means to at least make you fashionable at sea.Also it must not be too thick – after all, you want to feel the fresh breeze through the stitches.

Casual hooded jacket

If you prefer to wear hoodies or hoodies instead of sweaters, you are young at heart, because they are very popular with young people because of their casual appearance.The hood not only protects you against rain, wind and cold but also from annoying influences from outside – true to the motto: If I do not see you, you will not see me either.Whoever is wearing a hoodie is either a nature-oriented adventurer who wants to be protected from wind and weather, or someone who wants to move back and forth into his quiet and comfortable mobile comfort zone.

Exclusive jacquard sweater

If you had the choice, would you choose this yellow jacquard sweater?Individuality is important to you and that should also show your fashion.Because the risk is too big for a simple fine knit sweater in muted tones, that someone else could wear something similar, you put on striking colors and patterns.Jacquard knitwear is also just right for you, because the exclusivity is already in itself, finally it takes in the production about six times as long as a simple, one-color knitted sweater.

Classic sweater

A sweater is simply a perfect outfit for you?Others may consider him or her style to be stale, but you may even see yourself as a connoisseur who appreciates the good and the traditional: which piece of clothing could be more practical and at the same time look so good?The important body areas are kept warm, yet you enjoy absolute freedom of movement and it can be flexibly adapted to any season and situation depending on whether you wear it with a T-shirt, sweatshirt or shirt.

Colorful summer sweater

Your favorite is Miami Vice and an outfit in dark colors would never come in your wardrobe, instead you passionately like pastel colors and bright spring tones?Then you do not care whether other turquoise, pink or pistachio green for unmanly hold.You disarm any criticism with a radiant smile, lots of wit and charm.In your spare time, you can drive your convertible through the streets, while the Autoradio runs music from the 80s, and lets the wind blow through your voluminous hair.

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