Cyanogen Could Have Inflated The Number of Users in Their Latest Reports

Cyanogen, in its early days as a company, hoped to topple Google and its Android operating system, thanks to the immense popularity of CyanogenMod, its well known ROM that so many devices have been installed. However, the thing does not have fared well, losing partners along the way as OnePlus or ZUK.

Cyanogen, as company, need investment to continue to grow and, for this reason, investors must be confident that are not throwing your money away. Recently, the blog The Information has been able to glance documents about the number of users that register Cyanogen.

According to a developer of CyanogenMod ROM has a whopping 50 million users around the world, but that blog, has reportedly had access to internal documents and the figure stands at around 25 million users. In addition, a couple of people who had access to the internal data of Cyanogen say that the company has between two and three million active weekly users of the ROM and the OS.

Taking into account that the financing of the company depends on the popularity of CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS, these figures so vastly overestimated (because, in addition, of those 25 million users, not all are active) they might assume that investors distrust of the company. How will come out of this mess Cyanogen?