Cyanogen Updates Your Nightlies to Optimize The Result in Benchmarks

Since Cyanogen It was to be a private company, with a view to achieve better business results, has been having a course that can be easily discussed by the community that all these years has been supporting them selflessly. Both closing part of the code of applications as they are now throwing profiles designed for perform better in benchmarks.

As it has been seen in the latest amendments of the code of this ROM, in the latest nightlies added an automatic mode that would make terminal optimized to maximize their capabilities for cheating in these tests and thus get more note on test as Quadrant and Antutu. The objective is clear and is that they want to get a better valuation supposedly objective to be in a better position than the rest of terminals.

CTO and principal head of Cyanogen, Steve Kondik, tries to justify this claiming mainly that it is within the parameters of the hardware, so don’t see it as foul play. It also says that up to own Qualcomm chips do this same and those profiles they could already be activated manually, only now it makes automatically.

There’s no denying that this is compromised and there are benchmarks that already expelled its results who resort to these practices, such as the HTC One that was finally expelled from the list of results of 3D Mark for making this same. However we must not forget that the benchmarks are nothing more than a number and finally you will have more importance the use of the day to day of the terminal.