CyanogenMod 11.0 M6 Appears with Many New Features in The Project

The Cyanogen team continues to work on the most famous panorama Android ROM, and is despite becoming the Cyanogen Inc. company to continue the project as a joint venture, for-profit, not only of their partners they would live now.

They showed how us the first news of the exclusive software that prepare for the OnePlus One, but they still remained about lots of news about the advance of CyanogenMod 11 and the future of the company.

CyanogenMod 11.0 M6 released with the new Theme Chooser

The new stable version of the ROM, Cyanogen Mod 11.0 M6, has just been released for most supported devices. The list of changes is too long, but the most important are implementing support for MultiSIM, the integration of the blacklist to prevent certain numbers automatically and the possibility of quiet hours settings so that the device does not bother.

Moreover, the new download manager built into the ROM will have the ability of Let us pause and resume downloads, and Theme Chooser, the new manager of themes of the ROM that already commented as a novelty in the OnePlus One software, will be installed at last in the new version.

Theme Chooser It is a new themes management suite for Android that will allow independently customize every aspect of the device, allowing them to install complete themes and even combine parts of several of them to achieve the desired finish.

If this were little, can preview the final State, and also change the animation of boot device in easier way, as well as manage both the desktop and the lock screen wallpapers.

There will be backward compatibility with old songs and a guide to the template so that developers can post quickly and easily new topics in the Theme Chooser shop.

Cyanogen will cease to categorize your ROM versions

This was one of the most controversial sections of the CyanogenMod project, and is the categorization of versions kept many users confused between nightlies, release candidates, etc. In addition, the rate of arrival of CyanogenMod to stable versions was very slow, When in reality some nightly versions was already perfectly functional in daily use.

Thus, CyanogenMod will stop categorizing versions that are free of the ROM, which they will always be stable and will arrive every four weeks, at least at first. Later they expect to release a stable version every two weeks.

This new update system will eliminate the feeling of late arrival of the new stable versions, and will achieve a constant evolution of the software without confusing users among countless versions of different categories.

As we see, lot of movement and very positive for an operating system based on Android that began as a custom ROM, but each day earning more personality to attract users and manufacturers.